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what is the injil

Salaam wa alykum.  This site is about The Injil, also known as The Gospel.  Injil literally means ‘Good News’ and this News is a message that for certain has already affected your life.    At the height of the Roman Empire this Good News revolutionized the world of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. This News so changed the world of that day that our lives even today, whether we know it or not, have been radically affected by this News. The Injil led to the creating of books, words separated by spaces, punctuation, upper and lower case lettering, universities, hospitals and even orphanages were first founded by people as they understood how the Good News should affect society.  This Good News led to a freeing of society throughout that whole world which, until the impact of the Injil had changed it in peaceful ways, had been held in the bloody grip of Roman Emperors who ruled with the same iron fist and corruption that the dictators of today do.

And when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) revealed the Qur’an he referred to the Injil with full reverence.  As we will see in the various posts in this site, he and his companions referred to with honor the earlier Books (Taurat, Zabur and Injil).  And if the Prophet Muhammad`s (PBUH) example is one to follow, should one not also be familiar with these same Books?

Today though things have changed.  The word Injil (or Gospel) does not usually convey good news to our minds. Many associate it with Christianity or with the West.  And that is not true – it is for all people who believe in Allah (God) and it originated in the Middle East, not the West.

It is not that people are against the Injil, but it is more that it does not seem to make much sense. We wonder, in this day, whether the Injil was replaced by the later revelation. Other times we wonder if it has become corrupted.  With our busy lives we have not had the time to properly consider what this Good News is all about.  So the opportunity to study the Books (including the Injil) is missed by Jews, Muslims, and even most Christians.

That is why we put this site together – to give us the opportunity to understand, maybe for the first time, why the message of the Injil is ‘Good News’.  This site will also give opportunity to reflect on questions that we all have about the Injil.  If this is your first time here, you might start with About Me where I share my story of how the Injil became relevant to me. Insha’Allah I hope you will browse around, take time to assess, and take up the adventure in considering the Good News of the Injil.